(a k a PT. Cahaya Tunggal Sentosa)

Founded in 1999, IndoMILL was launched by its parent company, PT. Cahaya Tunggal Sentosa, to serve the North American market with sales, marketing and customer services to a growing network of customers, partners, distributors and OEMs. Parent company, PT. Cahaya Tunggal Sentosa, is based in Bandung, Indonesia and has been providing children wear and wide range of clothing line to Asian, Australian and European markets for over 25 years.
As a leading garment manufacturing industry, PT. Cahaya Tunggal Sentosa produces children, kids, toddler, teenagers and babies wear in Indonesia.

JL.Sulaksana Baru III/1
Cidurian, A.Yani
Bandung 40282
phone: 62.22.720.2154
fax: 62.22.720.5662