Indomill procure the material and manufacture their own garments ensuring high quality standards and fashionable design, enabling us to offer to our customers a wide range of standard and mixed colors. Using the latest technology and in house artist we can offer a wide variety of artwork, to suit individual needs. All estimates are in local currency, and are quoted FOB Subic. Contact us today and let us know how we can serve your market!

Couple of tips on Fabric Quality

Always check the fabric content to see what maintenance it requires to keep looking good. Make sure that its something you will have no difficulty doing and its something you want to do.
Let your sense-of-touch be your judge. Fabric must feel pleasant inside and out.
Squeeze a handful of fabric for wrinkle reaction. Before buying, ask yourself if its really something you need.
Fabrics that drape smoothly flows smoothly.
Quality made linen, organdy, organza and taffeta must look and stay crisp.

On Quality of Garment

General Rule: The price of any garment is determined by its quality. Make no excuses. It doesn't matter who made the garment and where it was made. Quality clothing last longer and inferior quality can break down fast in comparison to normal wear and tear. Our manufactures goes through many continuous improvement cycle resulting in high efficiency and cost-saving effective solutions that can be past to our customers.

Things to look on our quality garments

Buttons - Quality clothing have quality buttons that are durable or may be fabric-covered.
Buttonholes - Quality buttonholes are signs of quality clothing.
Seams - Quality garments are made of hand-finished seams. Today, seams can be made to look almost as if they were made by hands by more advanced electronic and computerized sewing machines. Wide seams are good signs of good quality garments. Very narrow seams are signs of poor quality garment.
Trim - Trim must show a well-detailed workmanship.
Belt - Cardboard or soft plastic used as stiffeners are signs of poor quality garment.

Whatever is your reason for buying clothes, make sure you know the three factors that determine its price: the quality of the fabric, the quality of design and the quality of workmanship.